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Open Gym is Back OPEN!

Open Gym

Open Gym is a great time for all ages to explore our facility, practice gymnastics or tumbling, and play in the pit!


Perfect for a parents night out, great time to get some errands done, or just to get away! We have multiple instructors supervising free play on our trampoline, foam pit, and every other apparatus.

Thursdays & Fridays

11:00am-12:00pm (ages 1-7) or 

12:00pm-1:00pm (ages 5-14)

$10 per Participant

Each participant must be enrolled via our CustomerPortal site

New members will be required to pay a $50 annual registration fee per one child, or $75 for 2+

Open Gym is not the time to learn NEW skills! While we have instructors that can assist participants with skills, it is not designed for general instruction. There is usually a wide age range of participants, and our priority is the safety of everyone. 

We require that all participants always follow an instructor's directions. Participants may be asked to sit out for a duration for bad behavior.

General Rules


NO food or drink in the gym. Snacks can be purchased and consumed in the lobby.


NO generally “rough” behavior, including horseplay, wrestling, tackling, etc.


NO bullying, name calling, or bad language allowed. Be Nice!


DO NOT try new skills at Open Gym. Work on skills you know and can do.


Report any injury to an IGG staff member ASAP.


All mats, boards, equipment, etc must be put away after use.


NO chalk unless directly approved by a coach.


NO jumping from Low Bar to High Bar


NO excessively large swings on High Bar.


NO Giants!


ONE person at a time on trampolines


Jump in the middle of the trampoline


NO bouncing off wall


WALK off of the trampoline (Do NOT bounce off)

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