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Competitive Team

IGG's Competitive Team is one of the strongest in the Region! We pride ourselves on consistently producing State, Regional and National Champions! 


The journey from Pre-Team to Level 10 is long, but one IGG is confident they can effectively provide. From expert coaches, to a fully ready Gym designed for safety, our gymnasts learn to be great - both inside the gym and out.

Competitive Team is a step up from our Achievement Classes. Whereas gymnasts in classes train 1-2 hours per week, Team gymnasts practice anywhere from 4-20 hours per week.

It is a major commitment for both athletes and families to be on Team. Competitive gymnastics training starts as young as 5, and higher levels are designed to prepare gymnasts for competing in college. 

Competitive Team is a Year-Round commitment! Gymnasts compete on the Local, State, Regional and National Level. While the actual Competitive Season may only last 3-5 months, gymnasts are expected to participate in at least 90% of practices throughout the year.

Competitive Team is by invite or try-out only. IGG coaches are always keeping an eye out for talented gymnasts who have the specific attributes necessary for such a demanding sport. 

For information regarding IGG's competitive program and recruiting athletes, contact our team director, Sergey Babakhin, at 

Pre-Competitive Program

Ages 5-7 years old. Non-competing athletes, spend a year learning the basics of gymnastics to prepare to join our team.



Xcel Bronze (Non-Comp.)

4-5 hours/week

4-5 hours/week

5-6 hours/week

J.O. Compulsory Program

Beginner - Intermediate Levels. Gymnasts learn fundamentals, strength and flexibility.

Levels 1-2

Level 3

Level 4-5

4-8 hours/week

9-12 hours/week

12-15 hours/week

J.O. Optionals Program

Intermediate - Advanced Levels. Gymnasts create their own routines, based on personal strengths.

Level 6

Levels 7-8

Levels 9-10

15 hours/week

15-18 hours/week

20-25 hours/week

Xcel Program

Alternative to the J.O. program. Gymnasts train less hours and create their own routines.

Bronze/ Silver


Platinum/ Diamond

6-12 hours/week

12-15 hours/week

15-18 hours/week

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