Competitive Team

J.O. Compulsory Program

Beginner - Intermediate Levels. Gymnasts learn fundamentals, strength and flexibility.

Levels 1-2

4-8 hours/week

Level 3

9-12 hours/week

Level 4-5

12-15 hours/week

J.O. Optionals Program

Intermediate - Advanced Levels. Gymnasts create their own routines, based on personal strengths.

Level 6

15 hours/week

Levels 7-8

15-18 hours/week

Levels 9-10

18-22 hours/week

Xcel Program

Alternative to the J.O. program. Gymnasts train less hours and create their own routines.


2-4 hours/week


4-8 hours/week


8-12 hours/week

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