International Gold Gymnastics offers a variety of programs for students 12 months to 18 years. Our programs are designed to provide self esteem and positive reinforcement for each child. From Mom & Tot to advanced competitive gymnastics and tumbling, IGG provides individualized instruction to each student.

Little Dipper – Mom & Me     [12 months – 3 years]

The mind of a toddler requires constant stimulation to stay happy! Our Mom & Me classes offer a great way to help your toddler develop motor skills, strength and early social skills. Parents accompany their little ones in these classes, and assist in the fun. With the guidance of a class instructor, children and parents work on a combination of strength and coordination skills. This is a 50 minute class.

Big Dipper/Stellar Stars     [3 years – 5 years]

Our Big Dipper classes introduce basic motor skills, build strength and coordination without the participation of a parent. Following directions, staying with the group and listening to the instructor play an important part in these classes. The instructor will guide the students, as they explore the movement of their body in a fun and safe way. Introductory gymnastics skills, along with games and fun activities, are the focus of instruction in our Big Dipper Classes. This is a 55 minute class.

Girls & Boys Gymnastics     [5 years and up]

We offer various class levels based upon gymnastic ability and age. Basic gymnastics skills, along with flexibility and strength exercises, are at the core of class instruction. Instructors first teach students how to practice safe gymnastics, and the rules of the gym. Basic gymnastics skills are taught on each of the events and trampolines, and when mastered, are presented with a further progression of the skill. Safety and fun are primary in these classes. Skill assessment charts are utilized to ensure success from beginner to advanced classes. These are 55 minute classes.

Trampoline & Tumbling     [7 years and up]

Whether for Cheerleading or for just learning how to flip, tumbling classes are for you. We offer classes at various skill levels, and focus on developing proper tumbling technique. Trampolines and spotting harnesses are utilized in theses classes. These are 55 minute classes.

Homeschool     [5 years and up]

Our homeschool class is a well-rounded fitness program that is sure to be a fun way to get exercise, build coordination and motor skills, as well as participate with other kids. Being offered earlier in the day, the homeschool classes get the whole gym to themselves. This is a 55 minute class.

Monthly Tuition and Fees

There is an annual anniversary fee of $50 per student, or $75 per family due at Registration. This is an annual fee, and will be charged on the anniversary of your registration.

  Weekly Classes  

    Monthly Tuition  

Parent & Tot


One 55 minute class


Two 55 minute classes


Three 55 minute classes


Recreational Brochure

2016 Class Registration Form

Liability Waiver and Release Form

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