IGG will offer Open Gym on Friday nights.  

Starting August 18, Open Gym will be 7:30-9:30pm.

Want extra time in the gym to practice your favorite skills, to play around, or to bring your friends? Open gym is a 2 hour block of unstructured, but fully supervised time that is open to participants of all ages.

Members and non-members are all welcome. Non-members must have a guardian sign the release form. Parents/Guardians are welcome to stay and watch in the lobby or run errands. (We do prefer parents to stay if the participant is younger).

Here are a few rules for open gym:

o No running or horseplay!
o Flipping off the vault table into the pit or on the trampoline is strictly prohibited.
o Only one person on the trampoline at a time.
o No digging holes or burying others in the pit.
o Parents are NOT allowed on the equipment or in the gym.
o If you are there with a child 4 years or younger, you may enter the gym to supervise them only.
o Only USAG Safety Certified Instructors employed at IGG may spot athletes attending Open Gym.
o No one may wear shoes in the gym — kids or parents.
o Food or beverage is NOT allowed in the gym at any time.
o During the last five minutes of gym, please be courteous and clean up any mess you may have made and equipment you have used.

Sign up today!

Liability Waiver and Release Form

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