Birthday Party Request Form and Information


Cost: $125 per 2 hours of gym time + $30 per coach Gratuity is welcome and appreciated

4 years old & under: 6 children per coach (maximum of 18 children)
5 years old & up: 8 children per coach (maximum of 24 children)
Additional kids: $10 each plus an additional coach

Fees for Parties are as Follows:
-Parties are $125 for gym use, plus $30 per coach. Number of coaches required depends on number and ages of participants
-Children must be at least 14 months to be in the gym. Any child between the ages of 16 months-3 y/o will need an adult with them at all times.      -To secure a time for a party, a $30.00 non-refundable deposit will be required. No party will be scheduled without a deposit. If circumstances           require you to cancel the party, please notify us as soon as possible.
-You must RSVP 5 days prior to the birthday party date.
-Any child on the floor will be included in the party.

IGG Provides:
1. Qualified IGG Gymnastics Staff members.
2. Minimum 2 hours of private gym use.
3. The gym will be open 15 minutes prior to the scheduled party for setup.

As the Birthday Party Host; You Agree to the Following:
1. You bring the Birthday Cake, plates and utensils, tablecloth, balloons, decorations
2. Decorate 15 minutes prior to party if desired
3. Every guest must sign a release form.
4. Your prompt arrival and departure is greatly appreciated.
5. Assist the staff in keeping all children off of the equipment without permission of an IGG Staff member
6. No adults on equipment at any time.
7. Any child on the floor will be included in the party count

IGG Birthday Party Request
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